Conference Scientific Programme

GFRA 2019 Conference Scientific Programme

The GFRA 2019 Conference Scientific Program will be structured upon five thematic axes that will be covered during ten different sessions of the conference.


reports on disease status and control programs in endemic settings with a focus on South East Asia, phylogenetics and recombination studies, epidemiological modeling, economics, policy and capacity building studies


applied works involving new assays and diagnostic strategies, vaccine control and efficacy trials, pen-side tests, sample management and validation studies.


fundamental and applied works on new vaccine developments, vaccine matching studies and advances in antiviral therapies in different target species

Pathogenesis and Immunology

host-pathogen interactions, protective adaptive and innate immunity, persistence and transmission mechanisms, as well as system immunology and big data analysis as new tools to apply in the rational design of novel vaccines.


fundamental studies on the interaction between viral and cellular structures, mechanisms affecting virulence and host range, structural virology and virus assembling.

Programme Schedule

Plenary Speakers GFRA 2019

Dr. Margarita Sáiz


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Pathogenesis & Immunology
Prof. Artur Summerfield

University of Bern

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Dr. Tiziana Lembo

University of Glasgow

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