GFRA Poster Pitch Presentations

GFRA Poster Pitch Presentations
Posters need to be printed prior to the meeting, no printing facilities will be available at the conference venue. Poster boards and material to hang the posters will be provided at the venue. In addition, there will be an opportunity to make a ‘poster pitch’ during the oral sessions.
Pitches involve:
• A 1.5 minute (90 seconds) oral presentation
• One slide only (this slide may display your poster or could be another image)
• No questions or discussion will be allowed within the session
You have 90 seconds to present your argument (your ‘pitch’) on the importance of your research and why someone should want to come and find out more about it. Posters will be displayed close to the coffee-break area.

We encourage you to start with one clear statement or idea (the bottom line, or the ‘hook’) and then back it up. This is a different approach to longer oral presentations in which speakers usually build up to a concluding final statement. With such limited time for your presentation we advise that you focus clearly on one point (and rehearse your timing carefully!)

Please note that your presentation will be strictly timed and you will be stopped at 90 seconds.

‘Poster Pitch’ sessions will not include any additional time for questions or discussion within the sessions. Instead your audience will be encouraged to come and discuss your work with you in the poster discussion sessions during the coffee-breaks.
Guidance for making your pitch
You are allowed only one slide (an image of your poster or other image)

Keep it simple
• explain what your research or educational innovation is
• explain what you did (or what you are doing)
• explain what you have found and/or why it is important
• overfill your slide as the type face will be too small and people won’t be able to see it